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Please use Internet Explorer for Mac (available at or Firefox ( to browse the site. Safari is just not good for porn sites. Also please switch off your firewall. Don't worry, there are no viruses for Mac's. Please use Windows Media Player for Mac's to watch our videos.

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Please visit our FAQ for Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator users for other problems you may be having. Our sites are designed with Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator users in mind.

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Firewalls, such as Norton Internet Security, are generally good things to have, but they sometimes interfere with our site. If you are behind a firewall contact your network administrator to see if you can have direct access to the internet from your computer. If you have a personal firewall, disable it while you are visiting our website, and turn it back on when you leave.

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For the best possible experience while visiting our sites, please disable your Pop Up Blockers

Adware Information :

Adware can hijack your internet browser and may prevent you from accessing our websites properly. For more information about adware and how to remove it please click here.

Plug-ins :

Windows Media Player - Is a technology that produces streaming video and audio files. The WM player will play most types of movies including its native Advanced Streaming Format (ASF), WAV, AVI, Quicktime and RealOne formats. A good all-around choice. For more questions regarding Windows Media Player, please click here.

Quicktime - An audio/video technology developed by Apple, but can also play on any PC. Its versatility and quality of playback are outstanding and its ability to compress large movies into small files is remarkable. You don't need the professional version to watch video, just download the free one.

RealOne Video - A streaming technology developed by RealNetworks for transmitting live video over the Internet. RealVideo uses a variety of data compression techniques and works with both normal IP connections as well as IP Multicast connections. You don't need the professional version to watch video, just download the free one.

WebTV does not currently support our websites.

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